Monday, October 09, 2006

Ear Rings

. [grace] . $5.90 *new*

Latest concept of tear drop is definitely an eye-catching accessory that nobody will miss!!

colores cúbicos
. [cubic colours] . $5.90 *new*

New design!! One comprising colourful beads and a icy blue cube!! Definitely a grab for you girls out there!

mullido. [fluffy] . $4.90 *new*

A special design dedicated for girls with or without ear piercing!! Just clip on and you are ready to go!! ;-D

misterio. [mystery]
. $5.90 *new*

Latest creation of the week! White, black, silver and copper. Colours that you will never have difficulties to match your clothes!

lío. [mess] . $4.90

New creation!! A design specially made for casual wear. An all-time favourite!

negro. [black] . $5.90

An extraordinary ear ring that will surely catch the hearts of gals!! ;-D

metálico. [metallic] . $3.90

Special design!! Looks simple and cool! Combination of silver and chrome rings with metallic beads that 'attracts' each other!

aqua. [water] . price tba

This is our latest customized design requested. It consists of strings of silver and chrome rings and Swarovski crystals. A simple as well as lovely pair to be worn!

púrpura. [purple] . price tba

It is a custom-made design which comprises of two ways of wearing the ear ring. A design combining purple cubes with circles and ovals. No worries of being bored with this new ear ring!

azul.naranja.amarillo. [] . $3.90

A bright combination of blue, orange and yellow beads! A simple yet attractive design for a casual day out!

verdoso. [greeny] . $4.90

An oxidized-gold triangular shape, with dangling light-coloured
Swarovski emeralds. Suitable for those who love oxidized materials with slight dazzles!

elegancia. [elegance] . $4.90

This is the combination of both white and gold. It brings out the class in you! A design suitable for all ages and different occassions!

único. [unique] . $4.90

A special-made design for those who prefers clip-ons! The black and gold combination with the white beads is definitely a good contrast to bring out yourself!

*Please note: $3.00~$5.00/customized design
*tba: to be advised

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