Wednesday, October 11, 2006

T - Shirts

el lío es estilo. [mess is style]. $14.90 *new*

One that is specially designed for those who love bright and loud colours!! Wear it with attitude. Wear it with style.

buster del fantasma. [ghost buster] . $16.90

A cute ghost accompanied with a few splashes. This is definitely a fun shirt to put on!

amour. [love] . $13.90

A simple word with a deep meaning. Express your love. Express yourself.

tinta del monstruo. [monster ink] . $16.90

Dotted with different sizes of cute monsters. Especially designed for the young and the young at heart!

por encargo. [custom-made] . $17.90

Hecho A Mano designs to suit your preferences. You can send in your requests and we will satisfy your needs! This design was specially created for a couple.

*Please note: $0.50/colour, $5.00/customized design
#If you wish to have the design customized on your own clothings, there will be a surcharge.


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