Wednesday, October 11, 2006



size 27 - 19cm
size 28 - 19.5cm
size 29 - 20cm
size 30 - 21cm
size 31 - 21.5cm
size 32 - 22cm
size 33 - 22.5cm
size 34 - 23cm
size 35 - 23.5cm
size 36 - 24cm
size 37 - 24.5cm
size 38 - 25cm
size 39 - 25.5cm
size 40 - 26cm

musicalmente inclinado. [musically inclined] .
$20.90 *new*

Dotted with love for music. You will feel so talented wearing them!

corona. [crown] . $20.90 *new*

A pair that simply looks so royal and pretty! Most important of alll, it is easy to match!

tolerancia. [grace pair
] . $19.90 *new*

Cross-hatched in classy golden lines, filled with colours. A simple yet classy pair just for you.

angel caluroso. [hearty angel] .
$19.90 *new*

A sweet pair for the sweet-looking you! Put it on and you'll feel like you are a princess.

vaca. [cow] .
$19.90 *new*

A pair created for the animal lovers, in this case, a "moo-lover"! Interesting pair of shoes on the shoe rack!

ajustado. [squared] .
$18.90 *new*

Specially designed to match any outfit! Filled with squares of different colours. A fun pair to put on!

hombre y mujer. [man and woman] . $18.90

This pair has totally different designs on both sides. It's suitable for the adventurous you!

memorias de la niƱez. [childhood memories] . $18.90

Not only you have the right to have specially designed shoes. This series is especially painted for babies and toddlers. It’s so sweet to see them wearing it on!

lio. [mess] . $16.90

This pair reveals the arty-farty you! painted with splashes and strokes all over, giving it a messy yet artistic look.

puntos del color. [colour dots]. $15.90

A simple pair dotted with multi-coloured circles. Easy to mix and match with your outfit!

granja. [animal farm] . $18.90

A pair filled with love for animals! Very colourful and attractive to be worn.

sol. [sunshine] . $16.90

Dotted with flowers, grasses, clouds and the sun, a specially designed pair for those who loves the nature!

ataque del monstruno. [monster attack] . $16.90

Filled with smiley monsters and spaceships on a purple base. This design is especially suitable for those who like bright and contrasting colours!

hoja simple, vida simple. [simple leaf, simple life] . $16.90

Simply simple design. But! This is a must-have on your shoe rack! Because it is just so easy to match with your daily outfit!

empanada del sweetie. [sweetie pie] . $16.90

A sweet combination of greenish-blue, yellow and orange, suitable for demure or outgoing girls!

copia del color. [colour copy] . $15.90

A cheerful pair which suits the cheerful you! The bright colours bring out the live in you!

amor de la naturaleza. [nature love] . $15.90

A colourful heart as its main focus, on a soothing brown background. Put it on and you will have no difficulties of matching it with your clothes!

pantera rosada. [pink panther] . $16.90

Dotted with pink and silver flowers, this design is suitable for the girlies and sporties! It will give you an out-going as well as a sweet look!

*Please note: $0.50/colour, $5.00/customized design

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